Best Credit Cards for Shopping Online

So what are the best credit cards for shopping online?

Millions of people are shifting their buying habits. They are going from wandering around and standing in lines at brick and mortar stores to just jumping on their Apple iMac or iPad and buying the product online.

It is so much easier to do a quick search on a product and getting the best deal online. I was just at Wal-mart today looking for a new iPad actually. They told me they are sold out of it. I drove 20 minutes to get up there and wandered around for awhile just to have a sales person tell me that. Oh well it got me out of the house. So now I plan to just go directly to the Apple website at and buy it online.

Amazon is another great place to buy millions of consumer products and get the very best prices and reviews to boot.

Ok so you are sitting online now to make your purchase and wondering what is the best way to pay.

1) Credit Cards verse Debit Cards

First off I just want to say that you never ever want to use your debit cards to make a purchase Bisnis Online if you have a credit card. The main factor here is that if someone gets that number and starts charging it up, that will be coming directly out of your checking account. They may both be fraud protected but I much prefer the feeling that if fraud occurs it just goes onto my credit card than actually impacting my direct checking account.

Even though we don’t want to think it will happen to you the fact it more than likely it will happen more than once and why take the chance.

2) Get Credit Cards with Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty

Purchase protection is something you need to make sure your credit card has if using it for online purchases. It can help you in a number of ways. If your item is lost or stolen, damaged or mis-represented you will get reimbursed. On most cards this is for 90 days and up to $1000.

Extended Warranty is just another nice feature when you pay with certain credit cards that it extends the manufactures warranty for another year. You just want to make sure you file your digital receipts away in a safe place unless you ever need to make a claim.

3) Credit Card Rewards and Shopping Online

Now while shopping why not build rewards whether they are cash back or you redeem them for gift cards or other merchandise. It is products you can virtually get for free from your rewards and most credit card companies have merchants that partner with them. I mean big merchants like Best Buy, Apple, Amazon, Home Depot, Olive Garden and many more.

When you go through their online shopping merchant program you can really stretch those rewards and get some great deals through everyday stores you normally shop at. Why not spend those rewards on those items? It is just a smart thing to do.

Chase has the Ultimate Rewards site and Shop Discover will many times give you double the gift certificate value when trading in credits using the Discover More Card. The Amex Store is also the online shopping site for American Express which gives you extra rewards and deals.

Credit Cards that we recommend for Online shopping that have great benefits as well special rewards for their members shopping with them online are included below. Just click on the Apply button to be taken to the online application to get approved.