Use Gas Rebate Credit Cards to Win the Battle at the Pump

Rising gas prices have people scrambling to find ways to save on fuel costs, including driving less, checking their tire gauges, and driving in the slow lane. While these techniques do help to reduce visits to the pump, even bigger savings could be realized each time you visit the pump. Gas rebate credit cards are […]

Are Paying Credit Card Annual Fees Worth It?

If you are paying annual fees on your credit card and are asking yourself if it is worth it then read on. Most people who get a cash back or balance transfer credit card should not be paying an annual fee. There are just too many good low interest or 0% intro apr credit cards […]

Best Credit Cards for Shopping Online

So what are the best credit cards for shopping online? Millions of people are shifting their buying habits. They are going from wandering around and standing in lines at brick and mortar stores to just jumping on their Apple iMac or iPad and buying the product online. It is so much easier to do a […]

Why This Financial Tool Can Help Manage Your Credit Cards

Have you ever heard of the website If you have, then consider yourself lucky. If you haven’t, let me tell you what the site is and how you can use the site to manage your financial life a little better. is a completely free (yes that’s right, free) site that allows you to […]