Debt, Stress & Your Health

With the downturn in the economy, millions of Americans have found themselves jobless while trying to climb a mountain of credit card and loan debt. Debt-related stress has become a major issue in America, quickly gaining traction in the medical community. With tough economic times and the rising costs of living in the United States, […]

Is a Balance Transfer a Good Idea?

You may be one of the many who ran up their credit cards over the Christmas holiday with every intention of paying it off by the spring. A lot of people look ahead to their anticipated tax refund as the source of funds to pay off their holiday debt, and some vow cut back drastically […]

High Tech Ways to Best Manage Your Finances

Most of us can remember the days when our parents would sit around the kitchen table with a mountain full of receipts and their checkbook furiously entering and adding numbers and swearing when everything wouldn’t balance. It’s not that that method of managing finances is necessarily outdated; it’s just that, who has the time? And […]

How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

By now it shouldn’t be news to anyone that identity theft is on the rise. Between computer hackers, garbage scroungers, ATM skimmers, phishers and cell phone thieves, our identities are under constant assault. Some experts say that it is nearly impossible to absolutely prevent identity theft, but there are some key areas of vulnerability can […]